Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Some Disney Magic

This Lo was created for this weeks challenge over on UKScrappers and set by Jules (Julesmichelle). We had to create a LO with the following critriea.

Home/house theme - whether it be an actual property, a dream home or more loosely based such as "Home is where the heart is" (10 points)

Include a list (10 points)

Use your favourite colour (5 points)

Include a trio of something (5 points)

when I first so this I paniced and wondered what I would do for the house theme. But I looked through some old photos waiting to be scraped and found one of the castle from our trip to DisneyLand Paris a few years ago. I added a list of things to do in the park like meet characters, watch parade and of course have fun. I chose purple as my favourite colour and even though I'm not a pink girl I love the combination of purple and hot pink. Lastly I added three flowers which are made up of layering three different flower.

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