Monday, 16 August 2010


I love just catching them when they're busy

It's Quads

Using 4 main blocks as a base.

Is this really Me

I HATE having my photo taken so why am I doing one on self time mode?


I love books and love getting them signed but then I don't want to read that copy. I know have a growing pile of double books some I read some I just can't

Lions pride

I changed the Rossettes from flowers to lions.

a different angle

What the rabbit sees daily

A bucket list

Since we heard of Paulines news I decided life was to short and made a bucket list. There's one thing I can tick already just 9 more to go.


Seeing to the rabbit. An everyday task but a first for a photo.

Heart to Heart

A teddy with a difference

A little more sunshine

A photogenic Bee.

The little dragon

Photos taken ST davids day 2008

The old lady

The last photo of our Meg.

Only The sky above us

No dramatic sky when you need one.


A rather blurry Lo using squares.

Birthday moments

Opening presents. A LO using Basic grey cupcake collection.

Christmas Party

I don't often scrap photos of myself. But this photo was just perfect for the challenge. It was taken almost 27 years ago but I can still remember all who are in the picture.

Oh to be young again

It was Ross and Rhys' decision to have a race nothing to do with explosive pictures But it helped


The only circle suitable for this was the sun. This was made from a variety of yellow buttons.

Through the window

And through the rectangle window today was minstral sitting in her hutch.

The twisted chimney the new statue of Rhymney.

Sketch 1

The first of the weekend sketches.

Up Close

An up close picture of some Jelly balls.

Red White Jade challenge

The first of the challenges was to create a LO using the colour pallette of red white and Jade/aqua. Been meaning to scrap the photo for ages and the embellishment to go on there was red. Fate was with me there.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

LiFe AnD tImEs of A 12x12 ADdiCt: Sharing some more....

Another lovely giveaway. Lovely fresh colours.LiFe AnD tImEs of A 12x12 ADdiCt: Sharing some more....: "One of the best things for me about teaching classes is seeing how different every ones projects can turn out.....everyone starts with the s..."

LiFe AnD tImEs of A 12x12 ADdiCt: Sharing

Another wonderful give away.LiFe AnD tImEs of A 12x12 ADdiCt: Sharing: "Back in the spring I had the pleasure of attending the Moxley Massive Birthday Bash - anyone who lives in the Midlands area that is looking ..."

LiFe AnD tImEs of A 12x12 ADdiCt: A Lil Give Away

LiFe AnD tImEs of A 12x12 ADdiCt: A Lil Give Away: "Whilst the boys were away I had a little tidy up of my scraproom, as well as attempting to get my photos into order and backed up!!! What a ..."