Monday, 22 October 2012

mark your page

Here's a bookmark made for a swap for the Cyber Crop.
As I'm in the scholoar team I've used a A+ charm and used gold and pearl beads.

Happy Birthday To You...

This card was made for the Card challenge On UKScrappers.
The challenge was to make a card uing red white and blue. With a great year for the UK and union Jacks being very popular I decided to use that as my inspiration. The plan had been to use sequins but this would have taken longer than I could spare so decided to use glitter and double sided tape. There's still gliller all over my craft space.

Snow days

Here's another Lo for the Cyber crop. There will be many hopefully over the next few days. This class was called perfect day by Hysteri-cal.
This was the first LO I have done for a long time and chose the wrong type of papers for the photos I'd originally chose. I changed them for photos of Meg and this will be another one for her scrapbook.

Big Hug

Here's A LO for the Cyber crop On UKScrappers. This was for the class called Design tips for dummies by Taniwha.
I used a Photo of Molly with her Tatty Teddy T-shirt on. I used an orange pink colour for the embellishments and odd scraps of paper. My photo was a different size to the one used on the example so mounted it on white paper and inked the edge. It was also the wrong orientation so I rotate the page 90 degrees.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Golden snitch

There's anothe Cyber Crop on UKScrappers The theme this time is We are 10. One of the challenges is called The time travellers wife. For this Challenge we had to recreate a class from a previous Cyber Crop. I chose the Golden Snitch Bracelet by Allyf from the Harry Potter Cyber Crop.
I chose to use gold and purple beads to go with an Owl Jumper I'm hoping to wear out next week. The only Problem was that I chose a bead to big for the clasp. But there's no way i'm undoing it.

Hats Away

This year I'm into novelty hats. Once I seen the knitted hats book in the book people website I had to have it. This is my first attempt.
I chose the wrong size pins for the wool but now my dalek has something to keep his head warm.