Sunday, 25 July 2010

Create 10 Day 8

Todays class was based on a special day. Even though all Christmas days are special this was even more so as it was the last Christmas that Pauline spent at home. The sticker border at the top and bottom was supposed to be done in numbers but they are one item I don't own so I changed them to Christmas stickers.

Create 10 Day 7

Todays class had a folk art theme to it. The bright yellows just went perfectly with the photo. As did the car button as it was a photo of Kian sleeping in the car after a day in Porthcawl.

Create 10 day 6

In todays class we created a LO using small circles to create a larger circle and a wall hanging. The scrappy are getting more scrappy now so each induvidual frame used the same papers but the frame as a whole is more random. We could also make a card which is in the process of being finished.

Create 10 day 5

I really enjoyed the class for day 5 even though it took me out of my comfort zone by creating a class about me. For this class we had to choose our least favourite piece of paper. I chose a sheet from the basic grey colour me silly collection. It's not one that I hate but it never goes with what pictures I have. And a piece of paper we love I chose a sheet from the LLB range it was foiled and could never be cut. I also used a fiskars border punch that was one of my first scrappy buys that have been lying around for ever.
The other photo is of the card we made using the left over pieces of the love paper and some ribbon.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Create 10 day 3

Well I finally finished day three on Tuesday. I really could have done with some extra hours on Sunday for all that I wanted to do must learn to time manage better. The papers are a general mix of odds and ends and the flowers ones that have been gathered up over the years. It now proudly hangs on my crafting desk. There were two other projects for this day but I've yet to get round to them.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Day two of create 10. I found todays class harder than yesterday. But I persevered with it and love the result. We had to use scraps of paper and fold them. The only thing I would do differently is I wouldn't fold them so much. The photo I used today is of my Nephew Samuel and my wonderful dog Meg.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Create 10

A few weeks ago I came across an online class called create 10 on the crafty templates website. The aimm of the class was to use up scraps. Like many scrappers I have a bag over flowing so thought that this would be an ideal class to use up these. Today the first class went live and this is what I produced. The cardstock recommended was white and kraft but I decided that the orange and yellow went with my scraps just as well and I didn't need to use a new piece of 12x12. I enjoyed doing this and had never thought of using my punches in this way before. Roll on tomorrow for the second class.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Over the past few weeks I've had a sort out of my crafting area and have found LOs that are partly finished and some which ghave been put into kits to complete at a later occasion. These are two of those such LOs. Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll be able to share a few more of these with you.

The second stamp I recieved in the stamping swap was a flower medallion stamp. I've always fancied trying one of these stamps but couldn't justify the price on something I might not use. I really liked creating this and could think od lots of different things you could do with them. But at this moment in time I haven't decided if I want to put it on a card or create a LO with it. Any Suggestions.


Recently I've joined someone elses stamp swap on uk scrappers. The first stamp I recieved was millie in a jumper. It was a perfect image for the LO I was doing for that weeks challenge.